Are you in need of a copier upgrade?

Need a new copier

In the business world today, the Copier is the hub for your Copying, Printing Scanning & Faxing needs. Despite heavy reliance on the copier, some businesses feel reluctant to upgrade because of either budgetary concerns or they just don’t see the need. If it ain’t broke why fix it? However, hanging on to an old copier that is just good enough may be slowing down your business.

If you are considering a copier upgrade, the following are 4 clear indicators that it is time to pull the trigger:

  1. Workers are coffee clutching around the copier waiting for printing jobs. Older units are slower to output and more frequently down than a newer unit. Additionally, new machines connect more easily to a network & don’t fall off as frequently.
  2. You constantly spending money on Maintenance & Service. When the copier goes down it’s expensive to repair, not to mention the lost productivity.
  3. The copier is getting older in age. We recommend copiers be replaced every 5 years. At that point, the money you put into the machine justifies upgrading to a new machine with greater functionality.
  4. Your current machine does not address your need for security. The copier can be a Point of Attack for hackers. Newer units, in particular Sharp Copiers, use Encryption and Overwriting to make your business more secure.

A copier upgrade could improve your business’s productivity and save you money. Organizations experiencing any of the concerns listed above should contact us at Dean Office Solutions for a Free Evaluation of your Copier/Printer/Scanner needs. More information about copier leasing quotes can be found here.

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