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Getting Back to Work
Working From Home

Getting Back to The Office

As many of us return to our offices some for the first time in many months there may be some changes in the environment. Many companies are limiting the number of folks that can return. Others are rotating employees to reduce capacity. Whatever your situation you may have to deal

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Dean Office Solutions & Kyocera Office Machines
New Copier Equipment

What You Need to Know About All in One Printers

There are 2 types of All in One Printers (Office Machines that Copy, Print, Scan & Fax) Ink Jet & Laser Printers. Ink Jet Printers (All in Ones) use Liquid Ink that is Spayed on the Paper. They are widely used for Photos. They are less expensive to buy than

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Cloud Printing & Scanning with Dean Office Solutions

Secure Cloud Printing & Scanning with Sharp

Cloud Printing & Scanning Secure cloud printing & scanning have never been easier! Dean Office Solutions has over 25 years of experience helping clients maximize printing and scanning efficiency while maintaining secure document management. Our team of experts will empower your business to scan to email directly from Microsoft Exchange,

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Purchasing a copier
Copier Leasing

Purchasing A Copier – Avoid Four Common Mistakes

Purchasing a copier is a big decision for most businesses and something they will have to live with for quite a while. Over my 30 plus years in the business I have seen folks select a copier that completely satisfies them and others that made decisions that did not work

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Need a new copier
New Copier Equipment

Are you in need of a copier upgrade?

In the business world today, the Copier is the hub for your Copying, Printing Scanning & Faxing needs. Despite heavy reliance on the copier, some businesses feel reluctant to upgrade because of either budgetary concerns or they just don’t see the need. If it ain’t broke why fix it? However,

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