Boost a Wifi Signal Throughout Your Office


boost wifi signalDo you find that the speed of your wifi slows to a crawl at certain points during the day? Is it not strong enough to keep up with live streams? Even worse, maybe it has a tendency to completely drop out, or perhaps there are some areas of your office where you just can’t connect at all — we call these dead zones.

Whatever the case may be, an unreliable wifi signal can be a huge productivity killer. You have to make sure there’s a strong signal throughout your office anywhere that work is being done. If the only time you get a reliable signal is when you’re in the same room as the router, we can help solve that problem. Wifi signals tend to get worse the further you are away from the router. Signals can also lose their strength if they need to pass through a number of walls before reaching the machines that are connected to it.

At Dean Office Solutions we strive to keep up with the latest wifi technologies. We are experts at connecting office equipment to to whatever exists in your company. Whether it’s through wifi or an ethernet cable, we can get you connected and have your internet running at blazing fast speeds throughout your entire office. For the purpose of this post we’re going to focus exclusively on wireless connections.

Here are some tips, and some of the processes we use, to boost a wifi signal throughout the office.

How to Boost a Wifi Signal

When customers come to us with issues regarding connecting their office equipment to wifi, one of the questions we always ask is “how old is your router?”. As we all know about technology, the older it gets the less it’s able to keep up with the demands of today’s working environment.

Routers are no exception. If your office has an old router, you’ll almost surely see a performance boost after upgrading to something that’s more up-to-date. In the early days of wifi, Wireless A, B, and G used to be on the cutting edge of wireless technology. Today, they’re outdated and slow. What you want to be using today is a Wireless N or AC router, which will provide the fastest speeds available.

If upgrading to a better router hasn’t quite solved your wifi issues, don’t worry, there is still another solution. An increasing number of businesses these days refuse to use any kind of cabling to connect to the internet. They don’t want to go through the cumbersome process of running wires all throughout the office. Not to mention it looks cleaner when there’s not a bundle of cables being run around the walls of your office. With that being the case, we’ve learned all the ins and outs of connecting an office wirelessly.

What we have been able to do is have the device connected to a booster which plugs into the wall. Having a few wifi boosters around the office will help send a strong, reliable signal everywhere that wifi is needed. Then you will be able to wirelessly print, scan, and have everyone connected to the internet without any frustrations.

If you you’re not sure how to boost a wifi signal using this method, let us do it for you. We’re called Dean Office “Solutions” for a reason — we do more than just sell and lease hardware, we’re here to assist with office equipment in any way possible. Whether you need us to help set up your office equipment, boost a wifi signal, or troubleshoot technological issues, we’re here to help you maintain an office that runs smooth and efficient.

We invite you to look into our office setup services, and give us a call today at 973-559-3512 for more information about how we can solve your wifi troubles.

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