Need Copier Machines for Your Business? Best Buy Is Not Always the Best Place


best buy copierHere’s a solid piece of copier advice — don’t turn to a big box store like Best Buy when you need copier machines for your business.

People who come to us shopping around for the best price for a copier are really looking for the best combination of price and utility.

When they’re asking for the best price on a copier, what they’re really trying to ask is “what should I buy that’s best for my business?”

In order to determine that you have to take a look at what you’re trying to accomplish, and what your copier output situation is like.

Estimating Copier Output
If you produce around 100 copies per week or around 10 per day, you should be looking for the most cost-effective copying machine. If that’s what you’re truly looking for, then, unfortunately, we can’t help you. We can point you in the right direction, but what you need is a machine you can buy online or in a superstore like Best Buy.

When shopping for a copier online you can get the best price, usually around $300 to $400 on average. I don’t need to name any specific sites because there are literally hundreds of sites that sell copiers, printers, scanners, for low volume users.

Low Volume vs. High Volume Users
If you make 10 or less copies per day, then you qualify as a **very low volume user**. If your business needs more than 10 or 15 copies a day, closer to 50 copies a day or more, then you are a **low to mid volume user**. If that’s the case then you may be a good prospect for what we offer.

In fact, if you’re a higher volume user and are not using one of the machine we offer then you are costing your business extra money. If you’re making high volume copies on a low volume machine, you’re going through more toner than you should.

The problem with inexpensive machines is that the toner is very expensive. Buying cheap copier machines for your business means you’re spending more money on toner.

Save Money on Toner With Business Copier Machines
To give you an idea of the money you can save with commercial copier machines for your business — the machines we sell/lease can make copies for about a penny.

With copier machines bought at superstores such as Best Buy, you’re looking at 3-4 cents for a black copy, or 20-30 cents for a color copy.

If you’re only using your copier occasionally it really doesn’t matter what you’re spending on toner since you’re not using the machine much anyway.

Although if you’re outputting volume, it does matter. I have seen high volume users on low volume machines go through hundreds of dollar a month on toner with a machine that cost only a few hundred to acquire. Since these copiers are not made for high volume output, they will invariably cost more in the long run. If your copier output reaches a certain point, our wide range of business copier machines is a cheaper option than an inexpensive copier from a superstore or online shop.

Buy/Lease From Us = All Toner Included

When we sell or lease one of our commercial machines we can include all supplies and service for a low monthly fee. That means your business copier machines will always be up and running, you won’t ever have to worry about needing toner.

If you need anything at all to keep your copier running, toner or otherwise, we will have someone there that day. With a Best Buy copier or any other low volume machine, you won’t get that kind of service. If your copier goes down you will have to ship the machine out for repairs.

When you’re looking for the best copier machines for your business, the bottom line is how much volume you’re outputting. If you’re not outputting large volume, you don’t need us — if you are, you do.

Simply put: it’s less money, less time, more user-friendly to have commercial copier machines for your business.

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