When to Buy Used Office Equipment Instead of New Office Equipment


used office equipmentPeople ask me all the time whether to purchase new or used office equipment, and in every instance I tell them it all depends on the situation.

Used office equipment is incredibly appealing because you can pick up an off-lease copier or multifunctional machine for half the cost of a new piece of equipment. That’s because copiers do not hold their value very well over time. They hold their value better than computers, but just like a car they begin to lose value as soon as they’re driven off the lot – so to speak.

Although the upfront cost is cheaper, it does cost the same amount to service a used machine as it costs to service a new one. That brings us back to what I said at the beginning of this post – buying used office equipment depends heavily on the situation. There’s a significant difference between buying used equipment from a business or individual who no longer needs it, and buying used equipment from a reputable dealer.

Importance of Reputable Office Equipment Dealer

When buying from a reputable office equipment dealer, like Dean Office Solutions, you can be assured the quality of the used equipment is greater than what you’re likely to find elsewhere. Why? Because we only sell off-lease machines that we have maintained throughout their entire lifespan. In addition, we only sell used equipment that have low copy counts.

When buying used equipment from a business or individual who doesn’t specialize in copy equipment you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. When buying from a reputable dealer you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a gently used machine that has been maintained throughout the entire three-year lease period.

At the end of a three-year lease, most machines still have a lot of life left in them. When customers bring them into our shop at the end of the lease, we go through an entire checklist of parts that may need to be replaced. This could include drums, rollers, and other parts that may wear out over time.

By the time our off-lease equipment is ready to be sold again, customers are getting a piece of certified pre-owned equipment that is as close to new as you can possibly get. Due to the fact that our off-lease machines have been maintained and serviced by our company throughout their lifespan, we are able to offer extended service just as we would if we were selling you a new piece of equipment.

A Used Office Equipment Case Study

Another situation in which you may want to opt for a new machine is if you do not intend to use it on a full time basis. Some businesses need to use their copiers day in and day out. For them we generally recommend buying or leasing a new machine if their budget allows for it.

If you only need to use a copier once in awhile, you may be better off with a less expensive used machine. As an example, an organization we were recently able to help was the Democratic Party. As a political party their budget is limited since they survive on donations. Not to mention the fact they will only need to use the machine during election seasons.

We were able to set them up with an affordable multifunctional machine that does everything they need it to do – at half the cost of buying a new machine. It’s there for them when they need it, and when it’s not an election year they don’t feel as though they’ve blown a lot of money on a machine they’re not using.
If you feel as though used office equipment is the best option for you, please contact me and we’ll get you set up with what you need in no time.

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