Canon Multifunction Copiers


canon multifunction copierYou might wonder why Canon multifunction copiers are labeled as such, as opposed to calling them multifunction printers (MFPs). That’s because these machines are largely made to be used as a standalone copier, while also offering the ability to print, scan, and fax.

What sets Canon multifunction copiers apart from MFPs are the amount of options available on the front panel for copying and scanning. To give you an example, on the front panel you will find a button that controls two-sided copying, allowing you to seamlessly switch between one sided and two sided copying.

Other features include an alphanumeric keypad for allowing you to specify the amount of copies, with all of your settings being displayed on a backlit LCD panel.

Canon multifunction copiers typically offer print speeds of up to 26 copies per minute, and allow you to feed documents of up to 100 sheets making it a great solution for your home or office copying needs.

One feature customers tend to really appreciate about Canon multifunction copiers is the single cartridge system, which combines toner and developer into one unit that’s incredibly easy to replace. Most other devices keep these two separate, meaning they have to be mixed to make a copy. This separates Canon multifunction copiers from pretty much any other manufacturer out there. Not only does this make replacing your supplies easier, the single cartridge system helps the machines make good, crisp, copies for a long time.

In addition to selling, leasing, and renting Canon multifunction copiers we also provide a full range of services to ensure your machine is running at top performance. I’ll give you some more details about that.

Services for Canon Multifunction Copiers

At Dean Office Solutions we provide service and supplies for Canon multifunction copiers, as well as other multifunctional machines that copy, scan, and print. You can be sure that when your multifunctional machine is in our hands you will be getting the absolute best service available. Why? Because our service technicians have been factory trained by Canon to work on its multifunctional machines.

As well as having expert technicians on hand we also offer same day service in most cases. Anybody that calls in with a need for service on Canon multifunction copiers, or other multifunctional machines, can expect service within hours.

Another thing that sets Dean Office Solutions apart is our level of experience. I have personally been involved with Canon since the early 1980s — that’s over 30 years of experience working with Canon machines of all types.

If you buy a Canon multifunction copier, or another type of machine, directly from us we can also offer you a service contract which covers repairs, maintenance, and supplies all for one low price. However, we’ll be happy to service your machine no matter where it was originally purchased from.

If you have any other questions about Canon multifunction copiers please leave a comment below or get in touch with me via the contact form.

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