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copier lease companiesDean Office Solutions is one of the leading copier lease companies in New Jersey, and one of the only companies that deals primarily with major finance organizations in New Jersey.

It’s important to bring that up because when you’re dealing with copier lease companies who use finance organizations in New Jersey then you’re covered under New Jersey state laws if there’s ever an issue.

Having been one of the top copier lease companies for over a decade, we’ve built long relationships with the finance organizations we do business with. We primarily deal with Marlin Leasing and Everbank Leasing, both located in New Jersey. That means if there’s ever an issue, we’ve got your back. Let’s say there’s a charge on your bill that you don’t understand, we can call up one of these companies and get it solved right away.

Compare that to the service you would receive from other competitive copier lease companies. A lot of our competitors use out of state finance companies — such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, General Electrics, and others. That means they’re subject to out of state laws, and it also means you could be in for more of a hassle when dealing with these companies if there is ever an issue

Another problem in dealing with these larger copier lease companies who use out of state finance organizations is all they care about is the initial sale. Once the sale is made, they’re not interested in helping you anymore. Calling them up to get any kind of issue resolved could be a waste of your time.

At Dean Office Solutions, the initial sale is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term customer relationship. We want to keep you happy, and to us that involves selling you a great product and providing exceptional customer service afterwards.

What sets us apart from other copier lease companies is that, unlike dealing with one of our competitors, when you need an issue resolved we will put you in touch directly with someone who is empowered to help you. When you deal with Dean Office Solutions you’re not just dealing with a sales person, you’re dealing directly with the owner (that’s me!).

What makes Dean Office Solutions one of the best copier lease companies is that I care about more than just the short-term sale, I always look several years down the road. For example, when your lease is up in three years, I want to keep you as a customer. You can rest assured I’ll do whatever it takes during that time to keep you from thinking about going anywhere else when you need a new copier, a new printer, or any other similar kind of equipment for your office.

Dean Office Solutions – One Of The Top Copier Lease Companies

Come see why you always hear our name mentioned among the top copier lease companies in New Jersey. If you have any other questions about copier leasing, please leave a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch with me directly.

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