Copier Rental: Why Rent Instead of Buy


rent office equipmentOften customers are surprised when they learn we offer copier rental — “Why would anyone rent a machine instead of buying or leasing one? Isn’t that more expensive?”

Yes, absolutely, long-term copier rental would end up being more expensive than either buying or leasing a copier. But the thing about copier rental is, it’s the best solution when you do not need something long term.

The Best Short Term Solution

The number one reason why people rent office equipment from us is they need something only for a short period of time — maybe a few months, a week, or even as little as a day.

If you buy or lease office equipment, you are invested in the equipment for a number of years. With copier rental, you’re not locked into anything, it’s all month-to-month.

Return Your Copier Rental at Any Time

Copier rental is also an ideal solution when you’re not sure how long you’re going to need the equipment for, because you can return it with a month’s notice.

Let’s say you have a project that you think is going to last 5 months, and it only ends up lasting three months, you can end your rental agreement at any time.

Ideal Solution for Business Travelers

A lot of customers who rent office equipment from us are people who from out of town on business and they don’t have access to the equipment they need.

No one wants to lug around heavy office equipment when they’re out of town on business just to make sure they have what they need to do their job, and they shouldn’t have to. Business travelers can rent equipment from us to make their lives a whole lot easier.

Once the rental agreement is signed, we’ll deliver your equipment wherever you need it, pick it up when you’re done, and end the rental agreement right then and there. No stress, and no  need to ever be without the right equipment.

An Option for New Businesses

It’s often difficult for a newly established business to qualify for a lease, since they have no financial or credit history. In this case, renting is the next best option.

Since copier rental goes month-to-month, we’re not concerned with how long your business has been around or what your credit history is like. As long as you can make the low monthly payment, you can qualify for a rental.

Try Before You Buy or Lease

Many people who rent a machine from us end up either buying or leasing that same machine. The reasons for this are varied.

Maybe they weren’t sure the machine was right for them, or maybe they just wanted to test it out for themselves before acquiring it long term.

Whatever the reason is that you may want to rent a piece of equipment before buying or leasing it, you’re more than welcome to do so at Dean Office Solutions.

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