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Our blog here at Dean Office Solutions will now include articles that deal with the full range of office technology issues, not just copiers and printers. What follows is information concerning something all of us business people use every day: Email and the need for email security. 

To begin, here are a few reasons why business leaders need to exercise greater caution to protect their employees and organizations. 

  • The most popular method of corporate communication is still email.
  • Due to the intense rise in email phishing and high success rate, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center report found that phishing was the most dominant threat in the US in 2020.
  • After completing courses on email phishing, KnowBe4 found that the average improvement of industries was 84% when it came to recognizing and combatting email scams.
  • Email phishing was among the most prevalent cybersecurity risks in 2021.

Email scam attacks can hold a variety of devastating impacts on companies that are victims. For example, hackers might gain access to private consumer information, harming both the trust and intellectual property of customers. Your business may also suffer theft and loss. In fact, one constant throughout email scams is the major financial loss suffered by a company. Below is a chart included in the Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021 by IBM. According to the IBM, the cost of data breaches increased almost 10% in one year to an average of $4.62 million in 2021!

Those most susceptible to data breaches include the healthcare, financial, and technology industries. These impacts are a few reasons why it is so vital companies implement practices to better defend themselves.

Email security is possible, and here are several tips from Atlantic that can help keep your business secure.

  1. Employee awareness
  2. Perform a rigorous cyber risk assessment
  3. Keep up with software updates
  4. Implement multi-factor authentication
  5. Use secure email hosting

Every organization should prioritize email security. You and your staff will be able to secure all types of data that are essential for your company by putting best practices like multi-factor authentication and security training into effect.

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