Getting Back to The Office

Getting Back to Work

As many of us return to our offices some for the first time in many months there may be some changes in the environment. Many companies are limiting the number of folks that can return. Others are rotating employees to reduce capacity. Whatever your situation you may have to deal with duties that previously were taken care of.

One of these may be dealing with Office Machines!!

This is a good time to review some simple tips to help you save Time, Money & Aggravation in dealing with Copiers, Printers & even Computers.

  1. When in doubt Reboot. We have come to know rebooting a computer will help with many issues. The same is true with a Copier or Printer. Rebooting & Unplugging your device often helps resolving a number of issues.
  2. Keep the Glass Clean. With Copier/Printers there is usually a Slit Glass where Originals get scanned through the Auto-Feeder. Keeping this clean helps avoid lines on both Scanned & Copied Originals.
  3. Make sure all the paper is removed from a Misfeed. If the paper is ripped there still may be paper stuck in the machine. Be Careful!!
  4. Ask if there are any simple cleaning devices for the customer to keep important parts of the machine clean. Most copiers these days have a simple plastic Rod that by pulling and pushing in and out can clean the Main Charge and help avoid lines on the copies.

These simple tips can help you get back in the groove at the office.

Good Luck

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