Increase Productivity at Work


increase productivity at workWhen I look back at when I began my working life 35 years ago, especially when I reminisce on the office equipment we had back then, it really amazes me. These days, modern office equipment allows us to increase productivity at work and get more done in a day than we ever thought possible. We’re all so much more productive in this day and age.

Examples of How Modern Office Equipment can Increase Productivity at Work

Back in the early 80s it was rare to walk into an office that even had its own fax machine. If you needed to send an urgent message, you first had to call a service center using an old rotary phone. Then you had to literally describe the document to the person on the other end of the phone, which would then be recreated and delivered where it needs to go.  

That entire process would sound almost comical if it wasn’t the reality for many of us in the workforce at the time. These days, with modern office equipment, you can increase productivity at work by simply scanning a document to your computer and emailing it to the recipient. Fax machines are still used on occasion, but no where near to the extent they used to be.

In general, no matter what you’re sending or how it’s being sent, sending documents and sharing information is so much quicker and easier to do. One person using a computer and multifunctional copier can be more productive than a team using typewriters and telephones 30 years ago.

How Modern Office Equipment Can Make a Team More Productive

Today’s technology can not only increase productivity at work amongst individuals, it can make a team more productive as a unit. Things have moved so far ahead that team members don’t even need to be in the same room to work together effectively.

Today, team members can use scanning and emailing to share documents with each other. They can use webcams communicate face-to-face. They can use a service like Skype to stay connected while traveling, with the ability to make free long distance or international calls.

Before, if you wanted to communicate with someone face-to-face, you had to get in a vehicle and drive to their location. You used to be limited to landlines if you needed to explain something over the phone. How could we forget how cumbersome it used to be to send a physical document. The days of paying for postage, going to a post office, and waiting weeks for the delivery to arrive are all things of the past.


To learn more about how the right equipment can increase your productivity at work, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. To help simplify the process, we offer free copier leasing quotes. If you’re currently in the middle or tail-end of a lease, we can discuss your options with a free copier lease audit.

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