Is a Multi-Functional Color Laser Copier Right for You?

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Customers who have always leased or purchased black and white copiers should ask themselves if a color/black & white multi-functional copier/printer/scanner makes more sense. Years ago, color units were several times the cost of a black & white unit. Additionally, the print function was an added expense. Today, a unit that does color as well as black & white can be less than an extra $50.00 a month in cost. Multi-functional color laser copiers also print and scan.

Saving Money with a Multi-Functional Color Laser Copier

If you are using an inkjet printer or even a small laser printer to do a fair amount of color output, you may save money by outputting this on a copier-based device that does both black & white and color copies, prints, and scans. Generally, if you output 500 color prints a month (or about 20 per day), it makes sense to switch to a multi-functional color laser copier.

The reason is the high expense of color prints with an Ink Jet or small laser printer. Inkjet prints can cost you $0.35 per color print and some lasers are not much better. Color copiers output color prints for between .07 & .10 per print. An added benefit is much better copy quality with a copier-based unit.

Additionally, multi-functional color laser copiers have more memory, which spool jobs quicker to save you time and money. Depending on your needs, in many cases replacing your black & white copier with a color unit makes perfect sense.

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