Is it time to upgrade your copier?


Here are some of the warning signals that you may need a new copier:

  1. Your machine is constantly breaking down. When a copier is new (like a car) it should only need a couple of calls in the first year. This usually continues for a number of years. Then depending on how much usage it gets, service becomes more frequent. At some point, it will need replacement.
  2. Your business needs have changed. Suppose your business has grown or contracted. Perhaps you are doing a tremendous amount of scanning. A major change could trigger an upgrade or downgrade.
  3. Outdated security. If you are using an older copier without password, protection, and hard drive encryption. You may be vulnerable and in need of an upgrade.
  4. Difficulty finding spare parts. If parts are no longer readily available it may be time to invest in a new one.
  5. Firmware updates are no longer available. At some point, all manufacturers stop providing Firmware Updates for older machines. At that point, Operating System Communication begins to suffer. Eventually, scanning will become a problem.

We hope these warning signals are helpful no matter who your provider is.

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