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konica minolta repairDean Office Solutions specializes in Konica Minolta repair — I have personally worked with Konica Minolta machines for the past 28 years. With that much experience you could say I know the products inside and out. I can say with confidence that Konica Minolta makes a good product.

Our service technicians have been trained by the company to perform Konica Minolta repair jobs. It is one of several brands we offer specialized repair work for. We can service Konica Minolta machines of all types, whether copiers, printers, scanners, or multifunction machines.

Being trained by Konica Minolta, one of the things we specialize in is rebuilding the company’s proprietary imaging units. All color copiers and printers from Konica Minolta use 4 imaging units to make a color copy, and all of them have to be in working condition.

One of the biggest issues with Konica Minolta repair is that the imaging units are very expensive to replace — the most expensive part in fact, costing up to $600 each. The good news is if you take your machine in to us you won’t have to replace the imaging units because we can rebuild them.

Instead of paying $600 to replace one or more of your imaging units, you can bring the machine in to us and have the imaging units rebuilt for $125. When you compare $125 vs. $600, you could theoretically have all imaging units rebuilt for the cost of replacing one.

That’s one issue that’s exclusive to Konica Minolta repair, but these machines are still susceptible to the same wear and tear as any other copier or printer. If something goes wrong with your machine you’ll know exactly what the issue is because the screen will tell you what’s not working and what needs to be replaced.

If you have issues with one of your machines not related to imaging units we can assist you with those as well. We can help you with Konica Minolta repair whether you bought the unit from us or not. Here’s some more information about our repair services.

Konica Minolta Repair – About Our Services

We offer several Konica Minolta repair solutions that will keep your machine running at top performance at the lowest cost to you.

Our solutions are as follows:

  • Silver Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor only, does not cover cost of supplies and parts.
  • Gold Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor as well as toner.
  • Platinum Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor, toner, and any parts you may need to keep the machine running.

Platinum service contracts can only be offered on new machines acquired from us, or a used machine that we have personally maintained over a period of time. We can offer gold and silver service contacts no matter what the situation may be or where the unit was acquired from.

We offer same-day Konica Minolta repair in New Jersey on equipment we did not sell or lease based on a time and materials basis – an hourly rate plus the cost of parts. Often we are able to bring a machine up to spec and then offer a Service Maintenance Agreement on the equipment at very competitive prices.

We will provide a free estimate on bringing your machine up to spec. Businesses looking for Konica Minolta repair who turn to Dean Office Solutions often turn into repeat customers, so we look forward to servicing you for many years to come.

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