Kyocera Copier Repair: Why Choose a Certified Technician


kyocera-cs255Similar to a specialized auto mechanic that focuses on a certain car model, a Kyocera Copier Repair technician is not only familiar with the product, but knows its strengths and weaknesses and exactly how to fix it. For the customer this has many positives advantages.

At Dean Office Solutions we provide service and supplies for most major copier brands and we are an Authorized Distributor for Kyocera. We are authorized to deal directly with the manufacturer. We also have certified technicians on staff trained by Kyocera to work on their machines.

How a Kyocera Copier Repair Technician Saves You Time and $

By using a Certified Kyocera Repair Technician you can avoid having someone spend time calling in to get assistance to someone else who is familiar with the machine. You have a certain comfort zone knowing your problem will be resolved quickly.  This saves you both machine downtime and money. The technician gets your machine up and running quickly and you will not waste money replacing parts that will not correct the problem.

Having Certified Kyocera Copier Repair Technicians available does require expense and training.  Dean Office Solutions is very competitive when it comes to everything from leasing rates to machine costs, cost-per-copy programs, and hourly rates.

Dependable Kyocera Copier Repair From Dean Office

Unlike Dean, many authorized dealers will only service equipment they have sold. This mindset is that equipment that has not been continuously under contract is more trouble than it is worth. However, at Dean we will not only evaluate the equipment and its condition, but also give you an objective appraisal on what to expect in terms of repair or maintenance.  You can then choose to service it on a Time & Materials Basis or we can offer you one of our service agreements.

Dean Office Solutions, LLC is the best solution for people who need of Kyocera Copier Repair in Northern New Jersey.

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