Kyocera vs Ricoh: What’s the Difference?


kyocera vs ricohKyocera and Ricoh are both considered to be among the top manufacturers of office equipment. They both make excellent machines, but Kyocera is just slightly more premium.

It’s difficult to compare any brand to Kyocera because, in my educated opinion, it is the premier product out right now. It may even be the biggest copier company in the world at this point.

Between Kyocera vs Ricoh, the former is superior in terms of ease-of-use, reliability, and cost of ownership. It’s the easiest machine to maintain. In addition, the company is always innovating, releasing new products on a regular basis.

So if you’re looking for a short answer to which is the best between Kyocera and Ricoh— the answer is Kyocera. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the difference between the two brands, then keep reading.

Comparing Kyocera vs Ricoh

Kyocera and Ricoh are both major manufacturers of office equipment so they have similar product offerings. Ricoh has slightly more selection since it also offers specialty models for wide format printing.

Kyocera machines are better suited for higher volume users because they’re more economical to run and hardly ever go down. We get the least amount of service calls for Kyocera machines compared to other brands, and customers report that they save money on supplies after switching to Kyocera.

The fact that Kyocera is less expensive to run compared to Ricoh is a considerable achievement– Ricoh is often commended for its inexpensive operating costs. That’s what I mean when I say they both make great products, but Kyocera has a slight edge.

If you’re a low volume user the difference between Kyocera vs Ricoh could come down to personal preference, or whatever fits in your budget. Naturally, using a machine less will lead to lower costs and reduced downtime. So low volume users may not benefit as greatly from the low operating costs of a Kyocera machine. Moreover, like I said before, Ricoh machines are very affordable to run in their own right.

Kyocera and Ricoh are what I like to consider as hidden gems

They’re not talked about much, and they tend to go under-appreciated because they don’t have the name recognition of brands like Canon, Xerox, and Sharp. That might sound bad, but it’s actually a good thing for businesses.

Brands with greater name recognition feel like they can charge more for products. That could lead to people spending more money on a lesser machine. With Kyocera and Ricoh you can oftentimes get a machine that’s better than the “bigger” brands for less money. Any parts needed for a Kyocera or Ricoh machine will also be less expensive than parts for the big name brands.

So if you’re comparing prices don’t be fooled when you see a Kyocera or Ricoh copier being sold for less than a Canon, for example. As with most things in life, the highest price does not always equal the highest performance.


In summary– in comparing Kyocera vs Ricoh I would give the nod to Kyocera for higher volume users. Lower volume users should certainly be pleased with either brand. As one of the leading Kyocera copier dealers in NJ, you can turn to us for sales, leasing, or Kyocera copier repair service.

Although it’s the most reliable machine on the market, it helps to have coverage when you need it. Ensure you’ll always have the Kyocera copier service you need with a copier maintenance agreement. To learn more about how to care for a copier, please see our article on proper copier handling.

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