Off Contract Copier Repair Services


off contract copier repair servicesOff contract copier repair services include any kind of service performed on a copier that’s either not on a lease nor on a service contract. A service contract is one of those things customers may forgo, only to realize they don’t have one when they need it most.

Any number of situations could lead to someone requiring off contract copier repair services, and it’s not always because the customer didn’t have the foresight to buy a service contract in the beginning. Perhaps they did, and their service contract ran out. Another common situation is the customer’s lease contract runs out, they decide to keep the machine, but maintenance and repair is no longer covered.

Unfortunately for consumers, most companies aren’t in the business of offering off contract copier repair services. Companies typically don’t want to deal with a piece of equipment that they themselves haven’t sold. When you walk into a store, chances are you’ll be dealing with a person who is being paid to sell equipment. Therefore, there is nothing in it for them to offer service without first selling or leasing a machine to you.

Why We Offer Off Contract Copier Repair Services

Volume copier companies need to move product. At Dean Office Solutions, we have a different agenda. In fact, we don’t even have sales people. I, as the owner, handle most of the sales. We have other people working on our team, of course, but I’m the one who is involved with most of the selling.

Unlike a salesperson who works on commission, I don’t have a sales quota. That’s right, believe it or not I don’t have to sell a set number of copiers per month. With this unique business model, we can pass the benefits off to consumers by offering services that other companies either can’t or won’t. This includes off contract copier repair services.

At Dean Office Solutions we can provide off contract services on most major brands. You can even bring your machine in, and we’ll tell you free of charge whether it’s even worth servicing or if it should be flat out replaced.

If the machine genuinely needs maintenance, we’ll look at it to see if we can service it. In most cases we can, at the very least, service it for a one-time fee. In special circumstances we may be able to offer you a service contract, which will cover everything you need for a set number of years at a fixed price per month. The only way for us to know if you qualify for a service contract is for you to bring the machine in and have us take a look at it ourselves.


The bottom line is: we have been in business for a long time, have vast experience with most major brands, and can help anyone looking for off contract copier repair services on one of those major brands. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your off-contract copier.

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