Office Equipment Rental: The Easiest Way to Get a Copier Today!

Office Equipment Rental

pexels-photo-193057When it comes to acquiring office equipment most customers I talk to are only aware of two options – either lease the equipment or buy it outright. Office equipment rental is not something a lot of people consider simply because they don’t know the option is available.

Office equipment rental is an attractive option for a variety of reasons. Dean Office Solutions is proud to be one of the few dealers in the New Jersey area that rents office equipment, and we’re happy to explain why you may want to consider renting as opposed to leasing or buying.

Office Equipment Rental: Why Rent Instead of Leasing or Buying?

No Commitments

Unlike leasing or buying a new machine, there are no commitments involved when it comes to office equipment rental. When leasing a machine you’re locked into contract ranging from 3 to 5 years. When you rent office equipment you’re not locked into anything. You can rent the machine, take it home today, and bring it back any time. Customers are billed month-to-month when they rent a piece of office equipment. The monthly payments tend to be higher than if you were to lease the machine, but the benefit is you don’t have to sign a long-term contract.

Temporary Needs

Depending on the industry they’re in, not every business needs a copier or multifunctional machine as part of their day-to-day operations. However, they may occasionally find themselves working on a project that requires them to fax documents back and forth, scan documents, make copies, etc. If the copier is only needed for a temporary period of time, it doesn’t make financial sense to buy or lease. Companies can rent a machine for the duration of their project and return it when they’re done.

Case Study

To give you an example, lately we have been doing a lot of office equipment rentals for construction companies. Perhaps their head office has a dedicated copier, but taking it from site to site is cumbersome if not impossible. We have been able to satisfy their needs by renting them a copier and delivering it to their construction site. They use the machine during the length of their project, and return it when it’s no longer needed.


Not every business endeavor works out the way it was intended, this is especially true for new tech startups. Office equipment rental is an ideal option for startups. Not only does it allow them to get a copier in their office today for an affordable price, but if their business doesn’t work out they’re not stuck with an expensive machine they don’t need.

Office Equipment Rental From Dean Office Solutions

As mentioned previously, we are one of the few companies that is actively looking to rent office equipment. Rest assured, when you rent from us the quality of the equipment is the same as what we lease and sell. That’s because we only rent off-lease equipment that has been maintained by us through its lifetime. When a customer returns equipment to us after their lease is up, we make sure it is fully reconditioned before either renting, leasing, or selling it as a used machine.

The price of office equipment rental varies based on the extent to which the equipment is used throughout a given month. You only pay for what you use. That means if you only make 100 copies one month, your payment will be significantly less than if you were to make 1000 copies. Again, you can cancel any time, we just ask that you give us 30 days notice. For more information please contact me directly.

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