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Printer Maintenance ServiceLast week I wrote up an overview on copier leasing for those who may be new to it and are not sure how the process works. I find that just as often as I get asked about equipment leasing, I get asked about office equipment repair, so this week I’m going to give an overview of how the repair process works.

If you’re fairly new to the world of consumer office equipment and have never had to get a machine repaired before, how would you know where to start? Well first let’s discuss the options we offer for those in need of office equipment repair.

Your Options For Office Equipment Repair

Office Equipment Repair Service Contracts

If you’re an existing customer of Dean Office Solutions, the repair process couldn’t be easier. Whether you have purchased a new or reconditioned machine from us, as long as you’re on a service contract you can give us a call and we’ll send someone out to your office the same day.

We offer three levels of service contracts, and here is some more information about each of them:

  • Silver Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor only, does not cover cost of supplies and parts.
  • Gold Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor as well as toner.
  • Platinum Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor, toner, and any parts you may need to keep the machine running.

Platinum service contracts can only be offered on new machines acquired from us, or a used machine that we have personally maintained over a period of time. The reason for that is because if the machine was not ours we don’t know how well it has been maintained, or if parts have been replaced when they should have been, and so on.

Off-Contract Office Equipment Repair

If you require service, but don’t have a service contract with us, don’t worry — there are other options available. You can still contact us, let us know what kind of machine you have, what the problem is, and how recently it has been serviced, and we’ll send a technician out to take care of the problem. Our off-contract rate is $135 per hour.

Getting office equipment repair done without a service contract is handled on what’s called a time and materials basis, which means you’re paying for the technicians time and any parts and materials they may have to use.

All Customers Are Treated Equally

Whether you’re a brand new customer, or have been a loyal customer of ours for years, we treat every service call with the same sense of urgency. You can always expect services within 24 hours.

In order to make the office equipment repair process as efficient as possible, we ask that you pay careful attention to the error code that will be displayed on the screen. Give that code to our technician and they’ll know exactly what the problem is, and what they’ll need to bring with them in order to fix your machine.

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