Office Reception Area: How to Find a Balance Between Form and Function


office reception areaThe office reception area can unfortunately be one of the most overlooked areas of a business. Since most of the money-making work gets done behind-the-scenes, strategic planning of the layout and interior design of a reception area can often fall to the wayside.

We believe that’s a huge mistake because the reception area can say a lot about a business. When was the last time you thought about what your reception area is telling your clients and prospects?

Hiring the Right People

For the majority of businesses, the reception area is the number one opportunity for creating a positive first impression. When prospects or clients visit your business for the first time, this is where they become acquainted with who works for you. Your staff are a reflection of your business, so hiring a receptionist who is both efficient with excellent people skills is key.

Creating the Right Impression

However, before even speaking with the receptionist, the real first impression is made when an individual first walks in and takes a look around the area. The attention to detail put into the design and layout of your office reception area shows pride of ownership. It’s a way of communicating to prospects and clients the level of quality they can expect from the work you deliver. A shoddy looking reception area can lead people to believe the quality of your work is of a similar standard.

A Functional Office Reception Area = Happy Employees

In addition to creating a positive and lasting impression on prospects and clients, your reception area also has to be functional for those who work in the office day in and day out. A receptionist wears a lot of hats — they’re not just there to greet people and answer phones. They may be required to do anything from faxing invoices, to making copies, to scanning documents, and so on.

With that being said, the reception area is usually the perfect place to put a multifunctional machine. Not only will it help the receptionist do their job more efficiently, it will be less distracting to employees working in other areas of the office. Putting a multifunctional machine in a public area at the front of the office, such as the reception area, will reduce excess noise throughout the rest of the office and prevent the receptionist from having to constantly go back and forth from one area to another to complete tasks.

If space is limited in and around the reception area, take some time to consider what type of multifunctional machine you truly need. If you’re running a small office, for example, chances are you don’t need one of the larger machines on the market. You’ll likely be able to get work done just as well with a smaller machine, while saving money on the cost of the machine itself.


Your office reception area should be designed with two things in mind: form and function. It’s a balancing act between creating the best possible impression on prospects and clients, while ensuring it’s functional enough to complement the work being done by employees who work in the office every day.

For help with finding the perfect multifunctional machine for your office reception area, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with the personalized assistance that Dean Office Solutions is known for.

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