How to Pick the Correct Commercial Multifunctional Office Machine

Commercial Multifunctional Office Machine

I am often asked, “How do I know if I need a Commercial Multifunctional Office Machine? If I do, how do I pick the right one?” These are great questions.

Most of our customers at Dean Office Solutions started a small business and picked up something over the Internet or from a Super Store to deal with their Print, Copy & Scan needs.

They are successful, maybe hiring some employees, and thus business increases. So does their needs for copy, print, and scan. The business owner may notice they are paying a lot to supply the machines or machines with Toner. Quality may be not what their customers expect. There may be issues with maintenance. The machines may be too slow.

If you experience one or more of the above issues you should consider a Commercial multifunctional office machine. A commercial unit is made for a heavier volume of usage. It has features like a 100 sheet reversing document feeder for high volume scanning. Most important they are cheaper to run as far as supplies. In many cases when you consider the Total Cost of Ownership the Commercial multifunctional office machine is less money than a Personal Unit when you take everything into account.

If you know you need one, how to pick the right one?

At Dean Office Solutions we have been putting businesses together with the right machine for over 10 Years. First, you must decide if you need color or is black & white OK? Next, any special features: Stapling, Large Capacity Paper Trays, Hole Punching, Searchable Scanning etc. Most important is how much you intent to use the machine. A unit must be the right speed and durability to do your volume.

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