Printer Maintenance: Extending the Life of Your Printer


printer maintenanceAt Dean Office Solutions we do maintenance on printers and multifunction machines. Throughout our decades in business we have maintained fleets of printers, copiers, scanners, and machines that do all three.

However, we only fix the machines that are worth fixing. What does that mean exactly? Well these days some of the more inexpensive printers are not worth fixing. In fact, they are not even made with the intention of being fixed.

Those printers you see at big box stores like Best Buy, the ones where toner almost costs more than the machine itself, are made to be disposable. Once one of those printers fails on you, forget about it. With the amount of money you’ll end up spending on maintenance and repairs you can buy yourself an entirely new machine.

Between the amount of money you could end up spending on printer maintenance, combined with the high cost of toner, consumer printers will end up costing you a tremendous amount of money in a hurry.  

Larger commercial printers are the ones that are made to be fixed. The biggest advantage of investing in a more expensive, commercial printer is these machines can be maintained over a long period of time.

Commercial printers are not throwaway printers. Not only will they last longer, they’re also cheaper to run. The toner that runs them is fairly inexpensive when you consider how long it will last over time. If standard sized toner cartridges are not enough, you can get longer lasting toner capable of 10 or 15 thousand outputs.

Professional printers, copiers, and multifunction machines can accept extra yield toner cartridges which gives you the ability to output many more prints with one toner cartridge.

If you’re a high volume user, commercial machines are the most inexpensive way to print. Although that’s not to say everyone should run out and buy themselves a commercial printer. The best way to determine your needs is by measuring your output per day.

Another way to determine your needs is to calculate how much toner you’re going through each month. If one of your greatest expenses each month is toner, then it’s safe to say you should considering upgrading to a more cost effective machine.

Printer Maintenance at Dean Office Solutions

You can trust that when you turn to Dean Office Solutions for printer maintenance that we’re the ones who will show up to do the work. We never outsource the work to another company — there’s no need to when we have a team of certified professionals on hand.

Our team primarily maintains machines made by HP, Canon, and Brother. When you have a well-maintained machine you have one that is ready to do a lot more work. Even when you factor in the cost of maintenance everyone once in awhile, a commercial printer is still cheaper to run than any superstore printer or one you could buy over the internet.

If you’re in need of printer maintenance today, don’t hesitate to call us at 973-985-0911 or contact us online. We’ll have our maintenance team sent to your office as soon as we can.

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