Sharp Copier Repair


sharp copier repairWhat separates Dean Office Solutions from other dealers when it comes to Sharp copier repair is that we are an authorized dealer of Sharp copiers. Unlike other suppliers, we can deal directly with the manufacturer for supplies and parts, which means we are able to get them quicker than others and offer faster repair times.

When your copier goes down you shouldn’t have to be without it for any longer than what is absolutely necessary. If you contact us for Sharp copier repair we can get most parts the very next day. The reason for that is Sharp is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. They are essentially a local company, just like us, which means we can get just about everything the next day so we’ll be out there fixing your machine in no time.

We offer contracts on all Sharp copier products, if it’s a machine purchased directly from us in most cases we offer an all inclusive supply and consumable service contract. The only thing not covered in that type of contract is is the paper.

But don’t worry, if you came here looking for Sharp copier repair and your machine was not bought directly from us we can still offer service on it, but we may not be able to cover everything, it all depends on individual situation.

Sharp Copier Repair – Our Specialty

At Dean Office Solutions, Sharp copier repair is what we specialize in. Sharp is our premier brand right now, in both the color and black and white categories. Since they are our best selling brand we offer all supplies for Sharp machines and keep them in stock at all times.

With Sharp copier repair being our specialty we can tell you exactly what tends to go wrong with them so you know what to look out for. Sharp copiers are tremendous machines, but just like anything else they are susceptible to wear and tear.

At certain intervals of copier counts, around 60,000 to 300,000 copies depending on the machine, there are certain parts that will wear out. These parts include things like like the drum, rollers, etc. These parts will need to be replaced at certain intervals, and that’s when you call us and we’ll have you back up and running in a day or two.

Sharp copier repair is very intuitive, it’s actually a feature they have built right in to their machines. There’s no guess work involved, or wasted time spent trying to diagnose the problem. You’ll know exactly which part of your machine needs to be replaced because a code will be displayed on the screen.

That code is important because it lets us know what’s wrong with your copier so we can streamline the whole repair process. When you call us just give us the code displayed on your screen, that way we’ll know exactly what needs to be replaced and the technician can bring the part with them so you’re not down too long.

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