The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Scanner


FileStack_retouchedEventually there comes a time for a business when their document scanning needs exceeds the ability of a multifunctional unit. This is when you need a dedicated heavy duty scanner that can provide the extra performance needed for heavy scanning demands.

When should you consider investing in a heavy duty scanner? If the pages you’re scanning per day are in the tens of thousands, then you should definitely look into getting a heavy duty machine to handle your workload.

What can a heavy duty scanner do that other machines can’t? Every make and model is a bit different, but they all have some of the same concepts in mind. One of those is speed. A heavy duty scanner can scan over 100 pages per minutes.

Some machines are built with the ability to detect anything that may interrupt the workflow – such as staples in documents. When obstructions are detected, the scan job is paused to prevent any damage to the machine.

In order to keep a scanning job moving as quickly as possible, most heavy duty scanners have the ability to detect the width of paper being fed into the machine and then adjust roller pressure accordingly for accurate scanning.

In addition to speed, heavy duty scanners are built for quality. Has anyone ever told you that you can’t get high quality work done quickly? Well that may be true in most cases, but not with these machines. Heavy duty machines come with integrated image enhancing software that will not only maintain the quality of the original document – it can improve the quality.

Do You Need a Heavy Duty Scanner?

Speed and quality are the two main benefits of heavy duty scanners, but do you need all of that power? The only way to know for sure is by determining your scanner workload. Experience has told me that businesses often don’t realize how many pages they process in a day, or a week, or a month.

Here’s a simple way to estimate the amount of pages you’re scanning: keep in mind that you can hold approximately 1,000 to 1,500 pages. How many banker’s boxes worth of pages are you going through each month? That will help put into perspective what your typical scanning needs are like.  

Some of the best heavy duty scanners are made by the brands HP and Canon. I’m hesitant to recommend specific models without knowing your individual needs. With that being said, we’re happy to discuss your needs if you feel it is time to upgrade your scanning equipment.

Please contact us at any time with questions about commercial scanning equipment. Together we’ll find a solution to get this aspect of your business running faster and more efficiently.

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