All in One Scanner


all in one scannerAn all in one Copier, Printer, Scanner is becoming a popular item because, in most cases today, users scan more often than they copy. People scan documents into computers because it simplifies the process of taking printed information and putting it into a digital format to send to whoever needs to receive the information.

Scanning is quicker than mailing, quicker than faxing, and a big plus is that, when you e-mail it, you have a proof source that the information in fact was sent. There’s a record of who it was scanned to and when, so you have a trail that it was scanned on Friday at 4:30pm, and the attachment was sent. There’s proof positive it has been sent, not like snail mail.

Scanning is becoming more important to people, even more than they realize. Instead of buying the right scanner for their needs, sometimes people will purchase a little consumer scanner from Best Buy. That’s not going to suit the day to day needs of an office, but it might be okay for your home.

What makes more sense for your office these days is to get an all in one copier, printer, scanner. Either that, or get a high end printer and high end scanner to accomplish both jobs separately. Today you can get a scanner for up to 100 sheets at one time, as well as a duplex scanner which will auto flip over pages to scan both sides.

A heavy duty scanner can scan over 100 pages per minutes. Some machines are built with the ability to detect anything that may interrupt the workflow – such as staples in documents. When obstructions are detected, the scan job is paused to prevent any damage to the machine.

In order to keep a scanning job moving as quickly as possible, most heavy duty scanners have the ability to detect the width of paper being fed into the machine and then adjust roller pressure accordingly for accurate scanning.

In addition to speed, heavy duty scanners are built for quality. Has anyone ever told you that you can’t get high quality work done quickly? Well that may be true in most cases, but not with these machines. Heavy duty machines come with integrated image enhancing software that will not only maintain the quality of the original document – it can improve the quality.

All in One Scanner: What’s the Best Option For You?

For your office, it makes more sense to use your commercial copier as a scanner instead of buying an expensive standalone scanner. High end scanners costs same as all in one machine, and at that cost you’ll be getting a commercial printer and copier as well. Unless you’re scanning output exceeds many banker’s boxes worth of paper per day, then going with an all in one scanner is likely the best bet for your business.   

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