Free Copier Lease Audit

Copier leasing of new or used equipment is an excellent option for many businesses. However, if not properly managed, copier leasing can become the beast that keeps feeding.

Dean Office Solutions offers a Free Copier Lease Audit to small and mid-sized businesses who feel they may have lost control of their lease management process, are paying too much or are not getting full value from their leases.

The Challenges of Managing Copier Leases

Typically businesses will have more than one copier lease and very often spend very little time monitoring them. In addition, copier leases usually have restrictive terms surrounding termination and renewal and businesses often find they have fallen out of compliance and are experiencing unwanted contract renewals and/or  unnecessary costs.

Our Free Copier Lease Audit will Show You:

  • Your current position in each lease – where you are in the lease, including total cost over the remaining life of the lease
  • The terms and requirements of each lease, such as the need for written notification of any intent to terminate between 90 and 180 days prior to the end of the lease
  • Your options for early termination, termination at the end of the lease, renewal or upgrade
  • Your buyout options at any point within the term of the lease

Our Free Copier Lease Quote also will provide you with a copier leasing plan going forward to maximize the value of all your copier leasing agreements. Dean Office Solutions will become your copier lease manager and business partner.

Unsure of where to locate your copier lease paperwork? No problem. We simply need your monthly bills.


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