Certified Used Canon Copiers

Businesses looking for used Canon copiers turn to Dean Office Solutions. We sell and lease reconditioned certified used Canon copiers that provide the same outstanding quality and reliability while offering savings of up to 40 percent.

We offer used Canon copiers that we recondition and certify ourselves. All used Canon copiers we offer meet our criteria of low meter count and machines that have been gently used and well maintained.

Assurance of Quality

A reconditioned used Canon copier certified by Dean Office Solutions assures our clients of the following:

  • A low meter count for a machine of that type
  • Replacement of all consumable items – such as drums, image units, fusers – and many parts – such as feed rollers and corona wires

The Name You Know

Canon makes reliable copiers that allow businesses to become more productive, competitive and cost efficient. We find the models most productive for our customers include the black and white Image Runner 3530 and 3025 for mid-volume users and the color Image Runner C2030 and C3480.

State-of-the-Art Security

Like new models, many used Canon copiers offer data security features that allow businesses to protect confidential data. The Canon Security Solutions, comprising hardware and software, ensure data protection in three categories: device security; document security; and network security.

Used Canon copiers reconditioned and certified by Dean Office Solutions offer businesses of all sizes an excellent option while still providing all the benefits of Canon products. Whether buying or leasing, used Canon copiers are the ideal solution for start-ups and established businesses alike.


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