Copier Supplies | New Jersey

Dean Office Solutions is the premier company offering copier supplies in New Jersey, delivering river to river [see locations served] and serving businesses of all sizes. We supply toner cartridges for most copiers and laser printers. We also sell our own brand of laser printer cartridges, which we guarantee.

The guaranteed quality of our branded laser printer cartridges enables us to provide free service on HP, Lexmark, and many other laser printers when you purchase the cartridges from us. Laser printers use large cartridges that include toner, developer and drum.

Cost Savings

We offer very competitive pricing on all copier supplies in New Jersey, allowing our customers to realize operational savings on their copier and printer costs. In addition, as managing the cost of copier supplies often is not a high priority in many offices, by partnering with Dean Office Solutions businesses find savings they previously never considered.

Your Partner in Copier Supplies in New Jersey

Businesses looking for a reliable source of copiers supplies in New Jersey turn to Dean Office Solutions when they want more than just product. When you partner with us, your copier supply needs are filled reliably and with a minimum of effort on your part.

Greening New Jersey

Dean Office Solutions is committed to helping to green New Jersey. Each year an estimated 375 million empty toner cartridges end up in landfills. Dean Office Solutions is helping to reduce that number by recycling all toner cartridges we receive from our customers when they contact us for copier supplies.

Tips for Reducing Toner Cartridge Usage

  • Print hard copies only when needed. Save emails and other documents on your hard drive.
  • Use economy, draft or grey scale modes and lower resolutions whenever possible.
  • Avoid shaded boxes and large font sizes. Use Garamond, which requires less ink than other fonts.
  • Use Print Preview – you may be able to print fewer pages with modifications.


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