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Copier leasing is an excellent option for many businesses. Leasing allows a business to acquire new or certified used equipment without a major cash outlay. Similar to car leases, you pay for only what you use and return the equipment at the end of the term. Leasing also offers tax advantages.

Copier Leasing in New Jersey Made Easy

Businesses looking into copier leasing in New Jersey turn to Dean Office Solutions for all their needs. We lease new and used copiers from Sharp, Copystar Kyocera and Canon. We help you determine the right equipment based on your business operations and needs, arrange the lease that offers the right pricing for your budget and offer the same outstanding same-day service as we provide on our new equipment at reasonable rates. Service and consumables can be included in any lease to allow for just one monthly payment.

Free Copier Lease Audit

Dean Office Solutions offers Free Copier Lease Audits to any small to mid-sized company doing copier leasing in New Jersey concerned they may have lost control of their lease management process, are paying too much or are not getting full value from their leases.

Typically businesses doing copier leasing in New Jersey have multiple leases and often costs have gotten out of control. Our Free Copier Lease Audit will show you exactly where you stand in your lease situation – your current position in each lease, your options at the end of each lease period and how you might save money going forward. We will provide a plan that will enable you to better manage your copier leasing process.

Unsure of where to locate your copier lease paperwork? No problem. We simply need your monthly bills.

Lease Management

One of the biggest challenges facing many businesses doing copier leasing in New Jersey is the management of the lease itself, including when the lease terminates and their options at that time. Dean Office Solutions manages the copier leases of all our leasing clients to ensure maximum benefits and minimum costs.

Most copier leases have clauses covering end-of-lease requirements yet few businesses doing copier leasing in New Jersey are aware of these. Failure to comply with these requirements – such as written notice of intent to terminate – may result in contracts going into renewal.

We will track your leases and advise you of your options and suggest actions in a timely fashion that will protect your interests. When businesses doing copier leasing in New Jersey do so through Dean Office Solutions, they find a true partner.

Copier Leasing Quotes

Businesses interested in copier leasing in New Jersey may obtain a free, no-obligation quote from Dean Office Solutions by clicking here.


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