Certified Used Copiers | New Jersey

Save Up to 40 Percent

Certified reconditioned used copiers that copy/print/scan/fax often are an excellent option for businesses of all types and sizes. Used copiers generally offer businesses savings of up to 40 percent while providing the same features, options, reliability, and quality as new equipment.

Dean Office Solutions sells and leases certified used copiers in New Jersey that we recondition and certify ourselves. We recondition, sell and lease only those models that we know to be extremely reliable and offer only used copiers in New Jersey that meet our criteria of low meter count and machines that have been gently used and well maintained. This allows us to offer the same Service Maintenance Agreements we offer on new equipment.

Assurance of Quality

A reconditioned used copier certified by Dean Office Solutions assures our clients of the following:

  • A low meter count for a machine of that type
  • Replacement of all consumable items – such as drums, image units, fusers – and many parts – such as feed rollers and corona wires

Outstanding Value

Due to the recession used copiers offer outstanding value at this time. There is a high inventory of barely used copiers in New Jersey with low meter counts on the market. This equipment offers the same features, options, reliability and quality as new machines at greatly discounted prices. Used copiers also can be bought or leased, depending on the needs of the business.

Used Copiers in New Jersey for Every Business

Dean Office Solutions reconditions, certifies and offers used copiers in New Jersey to businesses of all sizes, giving them an excellent option and savings of up to 40 percent over new equipment. Whether a budget-conscious start-up or an established business, companies seeking used copiers in New Jersey find those sold and leased by Dean Office Solutions to be the ideal option.

Reliable Service

We offer the same service contracts on all sold and leased used copiers in New Jersey as we provide on new equipment. Clients have the option of choosing from three levels of service contracts to fit their needs and budget.


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