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Video Testimonials

I have been using Dean Office Solutions & John Egerter since I started at SportsCare, so it is 8 years now. Great service and equipment. Highly recommend Dean Office Solutions/John!!

Dean Office Solutions’ byline is “sales and service with the personal touch.” I totally agree. Based our experience, John Egerter and his entire team really care about their customers and treat each as a valuable asset. Their expertise in evaluating and negotiating leases provides an important service that directly impacts any company’s bottom-line.

Adrian was able to remotely diagnose the problem we had with our IRC 3220 and ordered the necessary replacement part prior to even having seen the machine. As a result of his knowledge of the machine and his conviction to his diagnosis, Adrian added efficiency and value to the repair process. He was also effective in educating us on the cause of the problem after performing repairs, and has even recommended steps to prevent further occurrences of this specific problem.

Thank you and your staff for the excellent service response! As a follow-up to our service call of last week, I want you to know what a pleasure it was to deal with your service man, Michael. He responded promptly. He was professional, cordial and fixed the problem in no time. In the nearly eight years we at the Arts Council have been dealing with you, we have come to not only appreciate, but also rely upon your great service and follow through. Keep up the good work!!

I have had the pleasure to work with John several times. I have referred him to others in my network who need his products, services and expertise. I have also had John help some of my clients who had a need. The results are always the same -- top-notch solutions, fast, attentive service and my colleagues/clients make a new business friend. I always recommend John. He does a splendid job and makes me look brilliant for recommending him.

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