The Truth About Bargain Printers


bargain printersToday you can pick up a lot of printers at what seem to be bargain prices. You can order a color printer from the internet or a super store for a couple of hundred dollars. What they don’t tell you is when you need to get new supplies, the supplies cost more than what you spent to buy the printer in the first place.

Not only are so-called “bargain printers” expensive to supply, the cost to fix them is so high you wouldn’t even want to bother. When the quality of your bargain printer starts to deteriorate, no one is going to service them for that very reason.

Forget About Bargain Printers

It’s cheaper to buy a new bargain printer than it is to fix an old one — but let’s stop thinking about buying bargain printers all together. If you’re a high volume user, you should be using a machine that’s built for high volume output.

Inexpensive printers are built for home use, printing out a few documents per day at most. They’re not built for high volume office use where the output could reach 10s to 100s of sheets per day.

I like to say the bare minimum to be considered a “high volume” user is 500 outputs a month. If you’re outputting any more than 500 sheets per month on a bargain printer you’re wasting money, plain and simple.

Get a A Lease Designed For You

If your level of output is 500 sheets per month or more, we recommend you look into leasing a certified pre-owned machine that includes supplies, service, and everything you need for the length of your lease.

No lease is one-size-fits all. We can customize a lease agreement to the specific customers’ needs. In a lot of cases that works out to being less money up front than what you would be spending on a bargain printer.

Add a Maintenance Contract

At Dean Office Solutions, LLC we offer all inclusive copier maintenance contracts on our new and certified pre-owned equipment. Our three popular offerings are:

  • Silver Service Agreement – Including labor and travel time
  • Gold Service Agreement – Including labor, travel time and toner
  • *Platinum Service Agreement – Including labor, travel time, toner, consumables and parts. Consumables include toner, drum, developer, imaging units and rollers (everything except paper)
  • We can also customize a service agreement to include only the Gold Level (Parts & Labor or Only Labor & Toner.

*Platinum service contracts can only be offered on new machines acquired from us, or a used machine that we have personally maintained over a period of time. The reason for that is because if the machine was not ours we don’t know how well it has been maintained, or if parts have been replaced when they should have been, and so on.

We can, however, offer gold and silver service contacts no matter what the situation may be or where the unit was acquired from.

If you’re ready to get rid of that bargain printer and start using a machine built to do some serious work, please get in touch using the contact form, or by giving me a call at my office.

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