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best copier paperAs a veteran of the copier industry, people always ask about the best copier paper. First off, the best is not the cheapest. As with most things in life, you can get cheap copier paper that works, but it certainly doesn’t mean you’re getting the best results.

Second, it’s not always possible to recommend a single “best copier paper”, because everyone’s needs are different. For example, you may only be printing out black and white documents, while another customer might need to print out full color brochures. I wouldn’t be able to recommend one type of copier paper to suit both of your needs.

No two customers are the same. Some customers are looking to do menus for a restaurant, some want to produce booklets that are saddle stitched and folded. There are all sorts of specific jobs people are trying to do out of their office. Some people have very unique and specific needs. I have some customers who want to put together reports, as well as promotional materials, which means they’ll need multiple types of paper. You also have to take into consideration what you want to do with the paper after the print has been made. There are all sorts of things you can do with various finishing devices.

If You Want The Best Copier Paper, Ask An Expert

The best way to find out the best copier paper for your particular business is to seek the assistance of a trusted advisor. Even I, with my 30 years in the industry, look for an expert’s opinion when selecting the right copier paper for a particular job.

You see, my expertise is in copiers, multifunctional units, parts, toner, and so on. When it comes to copier paper, there is no one better to talk to than Genie Weisz of The Paper Store & more…/Paterson Papers here in NJ. Belonging to a family with four generations in the fine paper industry, Genie can always recommend the best copier paper for any situation.

A paper expert, like Genie, can recommend what you should specifically use for the various needs you have. Better yet, chances are you’ll be able to get that type of paper directly from her company — whether it’s fine paper, cover stock, glossy, colored paper, and so on.

Over my 30 years in the business, Genie is the best person I’ve worked with for helping people to accomplish exactly what they need to do. Even if you have the best machine money can buy, if you don’t have the right paper you’ll wind up with an inferior finished product. Paper can improve how your output looks. Paper choice is especially important when it comes to printing color. If you don’t use right kind of paper, the color can look washed out and unprofessional.  

Another thing Genie specializes in is matching up your equipment with the most economical type of paper to get the job done well. That means if you want to make high quality prints without breaking the bank, a paper expert may be able to save you money. Through understanding your needs, your equipment, and the type of work you produce; an expert can recommend a better type of paper than what you’re currently using for less money. Get your jobs done right, on time, and on or under budget.

You can reach Genie at or at The Paper Store & more, 730 Madison Ave. Paterson, NJ 07509. Tel. 973-278-9181. Ask her about her family members who ran away to Join the Circus almost a century ago.

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