The Best Color and Black & White Desktop Printers in 2017


best desktop printersAt Dean Office Solutions we sell and lease copiers and multifunctional machines made by Sharp and Kyocera. By carrying two of the top brands on the market, customers can pick and choose the models that are best for them based on how they’re going to be used. Each brand excels in different areas — for example, Kyocera has made a name for itself in making the absolute best machines in the desktop printer market.

In this article we’d like to highlight the best commercial desktop printer you can get for your money right now. Whether you’re in need of a color or black and white desktop printer, Kyocera offers the best of both worlds. We’ll start by highlighting their flagship color desktop machine, the Kyocera 6526.

Kyocera 6526 – Best Color Desktop Printer

If you’re looking for a compact desktop color unit, you simply cannot beat the Kyocera 6526. It’s a commercial color multifunctional printer that can do everything right out of the box.

Make no mistake about it, even though it’s a compact desktop printer it is heavy duty and will more than stand up to your commercial copying and printing needs. It’s not as heavy duty as larger standalone models, but it’s certainly more heavy duty than what you can buy online or from your local big box store. It’s highly recommended for businesses that are doing around a couple thousand copies per month.  

Whoever says you can’t get quality performance at a good price hasn’t met the Kyocera 6526. Most desktop machines are expensive, but this particular unit is not. Compared to larger standalone machines, it is relatively inexpensive. It’s not only affordable to buy or lease, but its cost-per-copy is quite low as well.

Here are some highlights of the Kyocera 6526:

  • Up to 26 pages per minute
  • Up to 9,600 dpi printing quality with multi-bit technology
  • Time to first copy: 10-12 seconds
  • Double-sided print, copy, scan and fax functionality comes standard
  • High security through SSL, IPsec and Private Print functionality
  • Low power consumption with white LED for scan/copy
  • Optional support of various card authentication systems
  • Compact design with little noise
  • Exceptionally low printing costs in its class

Kyocera 3550 – Best Black and White Desktop Printer

If you’re not in need of a color machine, Kyocera also makes black and white commercial desktop printers. The best available right now, not just from Kyocera but on the entire market, is the Kyocera 3550.

Since it outputs in black and white only, this machine is even more affordable than the Kyocera 6526 but equally as heavy duty. The Kyocera 3550 is the best black and white desktop printer you can find that’s capable of handling a volume of around 5,000 copies per month.  

Here are some highlights of the Kyocera 3550:

  • Up to 50 pages per minute in A4
  • Double-sided print, copy, fax and color-scan functionality
  • Mobile printing support including AirPrint
  • 7-inch full-color touch panel with home screen
  • HyPAS™ Solution Platform enables powerful customizations
  • Long-life drum and developer last for 500,000 A4 pages
  • Low power consumption (TEC) and low noise mode
  • Exceptionally low printing costs in its class


In the desktop printer market, you cannot beat Kyocera. We strongly believe these machines are better than anything made by any other manufacturer. Kyocera’s unmatched combination of speed and reliability, both in color and black & white, is what makes it the market leader.

These highly productive multifunctional printers offer fast speeds and short first-pageout times that can help you quickly deal with your day-to-day workload. The company’s long-life components will give you the peace of mind that your machines will have minimum downtime.

For more information about buying or leasing one of these machines, or to receive an in-person demonstration in our showroom, we invite you to contact us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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