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best copier for the money“What is the best printer for the money?” is the top question I get asked from customers in the market for a new machine. Well that’s a hard question to answer, and here’s why.

The best printer for the money for your business is likely not going to be the best printer for the next customer who walks through the door. Why? It’s all about output, and unless two businesses are outputting the same amount of copies each month their needs are going to be different.

We carry machines to meet the needs of medium to very high volume users. I have a great write up here about how you can determine what your business’s true paper output is per month. When you have that information to give to the dealer, he or she can then match you up with the best printer for the money. Or, I should say, the best printer for your money.

Best Printer for the Money: Go With Sharp Electronics

Generally speaking, most major brands these days put out a solid product. But it’s not just about brands, more important is to choose the right machine within that brand to do the job you want to do.

With all that being said, there is one machine that I keep selling over and over again to happy customers. For these customers it truly does end up being the best printer for the money — and that machine is the Sharp MX-H623N.

All of Sharp’s machines provide the best bang for your buck, in my opinion. For medium to high volume users, Sharp is the brand we sell the most of, and within that brand it’s the MX-H623N that seems to get sold above all others.

Again, which machine you choose all has to do with your output, but this is often found to be a very successful machine for high volume users. If you’re outputting up to 30k copies a month, this is the machine you need.

The Sharp MX-H623N is an extremely heavy duty machine that is made to run constantly with very little maintenance. I mean very little maintenance, you might not even see your service technician throughout the entire first year of owning the machine.

Typically, parts are replaced on this machine after an interval of 600,000 copies. When you do the math, that’s 20 months of usage at 30K copies a month. Did I say a year? Heck, it may be a few years before your technician needs to pay a visit.

Of course, if you buy it new or lease it from us, we can set you up so that all supplies and maintenance are paid for through the entire time you own the machine. If you would like to see the Sharp MX-H623N in action, stop by our showroom for a demo or set up a personal appointment by using the contact form on this site. Together we can find the best printer for the money for your specific needs.

Sharp Head Office” by Otsu4Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

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