For as long as I have been in the Office Machine Business, back to the early 1980’s, there have been a group of Scam Artists that we in the industry refer to as “The Toner Pirates”.

These hooligans call around to customers, collect information on who orders toners, model and brand of copiers and other info on the business.

They usually then contact the customer again saying they are your copier company and there has been a price increase but they can put in one final order at the old price. They then send out toner for the machines you have. You then get a bill for an exorbitant amount. Usually this is many times what the toner normally costs. A $50.00 toner becomes a $500.00 toner. They put the employees name as the person who ordered it, whether they did or not and demand payment.

It is a good idea to tell employees to be on guard for these folks when they call. Only discuss toner ordering with your current vendor or someone you authorize. Never give out information to anyone you do not recognize.

If you do get caught up I would contact your copier company. They are most likely as familiar with these folks as I am and can help you return the toner. If you need help battling the Toner Pirates you can always contact Dean Office Solutions. Good Luck!!

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