Building an Efficient Office Layout


Best Copy Machine Placement for High Productivity and Easy Access

efficient office layoutBuilding an efficient office layout is no easy task. You’ve got a lot of different equipment to consider, not to mention the human beings!

One of the more difficult decisions to make when trying to come up with the most efficient office layout possible is where to put the copier. In many ways, copiers can be the biggest challenge because of both their size and their importance in the modern office.

The problem is that offices, and copiers, are not what they used to be. Copiers are used for a lot more than copying these days. Twenty years ago, an office might have had a copy person who could take care of all the copying. And that’s all the copier did—it copied!

These days, an efficient office layout has to take into account all the different uses someone might have for a copier. Not only is a copier making copies, but it’s also faxing and scanning. With all these uses, you need to consider a little more closely where you place your photocopier.

The Most Efficient Office Layout Has a Copier Where Everyone Can Access It

The best place to put a copier in an efficient office layout is where everyone can have easy access to it. We recommend you have it centrally located so everyone in the offices has easy access to it and doesn’t have to waste a lot of time walking back and forth from the copier. Especially if the copier is being used for a variety of functions, an efficient office layout will keep the copier near to all.

However, you can’t place it in the middle of someone’s cubicle! It needs to be out of the way where it’s not going to interfere with people either walking around in the office or interfere or working in their office, cubicle, or work station.

To Create a Very Efficient Office Layout, Keep the Copier Away From A Vent or Radiator

Many people don’t realize that copiers are a lot like people in one major way—they need to breathe! Photocopiers have to have good airflow around them so they can easily give off heat or stay warm, depending on the season. For this reason, you want to keep the copier in a large room—not in a closet. It’s not a very efficient office layout that has everyone going to a tiny room to fax, copy, and scan.

Your copier also shouldn’t be near a vent or a radiator that’s going to throw out hot air in the winter or cold air in the summer because that can cause problems with the machine. Finally, it needs to be near an outlet where it can be plugged in, and generally it should be near a receptacle where you can plug in the copier to an RJ45 ethernet plug. This plug should probably be connecting to a receptacle that will put the copy machine on the network. Make sure your copier isn’t a large distance from any sort of outlet, for electricity, ethernet, or phone, to create the most efficient office layout possible.

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If you want more help determining which copier will work best for your particular space, click here to get in contact with us today. We’d love to talk to you more about which copier is right for you!


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