Why Not to Buy Your Color Copier or Printer at a Local Office Supply Store


Business owners often ask why they should lease or purchase a Color Copier/Printer from a certified dealer when they can buy one online or at local office supply store for $500.

If as a business you only do 4-5 color copies per day or 20 a week, I recommend buying a less expensive unit online or at a retail store. However, if you do any type of reasonable volume of color copy and prints, you should look for another solution.

Cost Savings for a Color Copier

Dean Office Solutions deals in Commercial Copiers/Printers. The units you purchase online or at a store like Staples are better termed as Personal Copy/Printers. There are quite a number of differences between commercial units and personal ones. The main difference is that commercial equipment makes a color copy/print for between $0.06–0.08 per output. A personal unit makes the same copy/print for between $0.25–0.42 per output. If you are making 500 or more color copy/prints per month, this turns into a major outlay of unnecessary costs.

Does Speed Matter?

Speed is another difference. Personal color devices tend to be slow, especially ink jet (liquid) machines. The commercial units we carry at Dean Office Solutions are all at least 26 pages per minute color or black and white.  Another difference is you can use various types of paper with a commercial unit, including card stock for mailers, brochures, menus. This allows for much more versatility.  A commercial machine has settings to adjust for difference thicknesses of paper which are not available on a personal printer.

At Dean Office Solutions, LLC our best prospects are people who have a $400 color printer and wind up paying nearly that for ink each month.

Save $ on Color Copier Supplies

In many cases you can lease a commercial color Copier/Printer/Scanner, including service and supplies, for what you currently pay for the ink and supplies for a personal unit. Often business owners do not know how much they are spending on supplies because they do not order them. It would be a good idea to go over the bills and figure out how much you spend.

With a commercial color multi-use unit you can also consolidate supplies. Since you make black copies for only a penny a copy, there is no longer any reason to have a separate fax or personal printers. You can have one unit to do everything for less money and not have to purchase separate cartridges for the fax, another for the printer, and a third for the copier.

Over the last six months we have leased commercial color copier, printer, and scanners to restaurants, trades people, distributors, attorneys, and many others who had been using low end color devices. Everyone is happy with their commercial equipment and many are enjoying substantial savings.  Contact Dean used-copiers-njfor all your color copier options.

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