Certified Used Konica Minolta Copiers Save Buyers up to 50%


used-konica-minolta-copiersFor nearly 20 years I have dealt extensively with Konica/Minolta Copiers & Multi-functionals. At Dean Office Solutions we sell and lease a large volume of Certified Used Konica Minolta equipment.

To qualify for Certified Used Status the Konica equipment must meet our stringent criteria. Equipment must have a low meter count, have been maintained by Dean Office Solutions, and gone through a reconditioning process.  This process includes Drum & Developer Replacement, Roller Replacement, a Fuser Rebuild, and complete an extensive checklist. In the end you wind up with a machine that is “Just About New.” Best of all, our Certified Used copiers sell or lease for 40-50% of the cost of new units.

Saving with Used Konica Minolta Copiers

We recently reconditioned andsold a 24-page-per-minute Color Copier/Printer/Scanner with fourpaper trays and Finisher for $3,700. A new unit had recently sold for over $7,000.

For service purposes our Certified Used Equipment is treated just like new equipment with our Platinum, Gold,or Bronze Contract options. A Certified Used Copier from Dean Office Solutions is a great way to stretch your budget.

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