Don’t Buy a Cheap Printer: Why it Pays to Buy Commercial


cheap printerLately I have been getting a lot of business from people who originally tried to get a cheap printer for their office needs.

When I say cheap printer what I’m referring to is a small multifunctional unit purchased either from a big box store, or one of the many hundreds of online stores.

Some business owners go out looking for a cheap printer for their copying and printing needs, but before long they end up investing in a proper commercial machine. Why? Well look at it this way — no matter how great of a deal they get from these big box stores, it’s still a home machine doing the work of a commercial machine.

A printer intended for home use cannot keep up with the average needs of a business. I’m not just talking about maintenance, that’s the least of your worries. It’s the supplies that will end up really hurting you. That machine you thought you got at a bargain, around $1,000 or less, can end up costing you around $300 to $400 a month in toner.

That’s a small fortune just for toner.

There are many ways to get a commercial machine into your office. One of the ways is buying the machine outright, but you may be surprised to know a lot of business owners do not go that route with their first commercial machine.

As an alternative to buying a heavy machine, you can lease it for a period of time and have all of the supplies and maintenance included for the duration of your lease. On top of that, the monthly costs may end up being less than what you would spend on toner in a month with a cheap printer from a big box store.

One of my latest customers was a business owner who bought a cheap printer for around $400 to $500. Like everyone, he thought he was getting a great deal until he realized he was paying that much in toner every month.

We started discussing his needs and he ended up leasing a far more efficient commercial unit, supplies and maintenance included, that he previously thought would not have been affordable for his young business. Now he’s paying about half what he had been paying for everything and he couldn’t be happier.

It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Cheap Printer

If you’re tired of using a cheap printer in your office, and paying through the nose for supplies each month, contact me today to discuss some affordable options for your next office copier or printer.

We offer a couple of supplies and service contracts that will keep your machine running at top performance at the lowest cost to you.

  • Silver Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor only, does not cover cost of supplies and parts.
  • Gold Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor as well as toner.
  • Platinum Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor, toner, and any parts you may need to keep the machine running.

One thing to know is that Platinum Service Contracts can only be offered on new machines acquired from us, or a used machine that we have personally maintained over a period of time. We can, however, offer Gold and Silver Service Contracts no matter what the situation may be or where the unit was acquired from.

If you have any inquiries regarding copier supplies, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Image Credit: Ken Teegardin

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