Connect a Printer to Wifi


connect a printer to wifiYears ago, if I asked you to connect a printer to wifi you probably would have looked at me like I was out my mind. Not only would you have asked me “how?”, you’d also want to know “why?” and “what for?”. Offices have come a long way since then.

Now, it’s a basic expectation that you should be able to connect a printer to wifi. However, that still leaves the questions ‘why’ and ‘what for’. We’ll answer those questions for you here in this post.

Why Connect a Printer to Wifi?

Why connect a printer to wifi? For that matter, why connect a copier, scanner, or multifunction machine to wifi? You can’t browse the web on them, and even if you could you certainly wouldn’t want to do it on their small displays.

So why bother? Well to start with, it allows you to print wirelessly. With your printer and computer connected to the same wifi network, you can untether your computer from the printer and have more freedom to move both pieces of hardware around.

Think about that, and then multiply it by the amount of people working in your office. That’s right, with everyone in your office connected to the same wifi network as your printer they can all print documents wirelessly. Eliminate the cluster of wires and needlessly complicated networking that was once required to print the “old fashioned” way.

Mobile Printing
These days, we don’t just use our computers to print documents. We’re living in a multi-device world; it’s not uncommon to use a computer, smartphone, and tablet all in a single day. At any point in time you may find yourself needing to print a document from one of those devices.

Years ago, if you wanted to print a document from your phone you had two cumbersome options. Option one was to connect your phone to your computer and print from there. Option two was to send the document from your phone to your computer, then log on to your computer and send it to print.

What a hassle. Instead, you can now connect your phone or tablet to the same network as your printer and print wirelessly. Exactly the same concept as wireless desktop printing.  

On-the-Go Printing
Wired printing used to be an adequate solution when everyone had 9-5 desk jobs and, for the most part, worked at the same desk all day. Now, that kind of office environment is rare.   

Today people are on-the-go and may find themselves in multiple offices throughout the day. You have entrepreneurs working out of shared offices, you have contractors and clients coming in and out of offices, and so on.

Instead of having them plug into a machine to print a document, it’s much more accommodating if they can connect to a wireless printer. Trust me, they will thank you for it.

Wireless Comes Standard at Dean Office Solutions

The newest equipment we carry at Dean Office Solutions all has wireless connectivity. We’ve adapted to the wireless revolution, and are happy to offer you the ability to connect wirelessly on any one of our latest machines.

For more details you’re more than welcome to visit our showroom and get a demonstration on how to connect a printer to wifi.

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