Copier Hard Drive Security


Working with a copierLast week we wrote about the benefits and convenience that comes with storing frequently accessed documents right in your copier’s memory.

While we do recommend using this feature when it’s appropriate to do so, we realize that copier hard drive security is a growing concern amongst consumers. Just like on a computer anything that is copied, scanned or printed on your copier can be retrieved at a later date if not handled correctly.

In recent years there has been a lot of interest in copier hard drive security from people wanting to know what happens to these stored documents when a machine changes hands.

Whether your copier is on lease and you’re returning it, or you own it and you’re either selling it or recycling it, whenever one of these machines leaves your hands it’s important to be aware of copier hard drive security.

Copier hard drive security is a real concern because a lot of information that’s stored on a copier can be retrieved at any time — just like a computer’s hard drive. That might sound scary, but it should put your mind at ease to know that Sharp Electronics has measures in place to protect your data.

Copier Hard Drive Security – Protecting Your Data

Whenever you scan or copy a document, that information is temporarily stored in the copier’s memory. In order to try to keep that data as secure as possible, with a Sharp Copier the temporary memory is written over again and again until previously stored data becomes unrecognizable.

So you can feel safe knowing that, but what about the data you voluntarily store on the copier’s hard drive? With a Sharp Copier wiping your data from a copier’s hard drive is actually fairly simple to do, where people run into problems is that they sometimes forget to perform this very quick step before their copier changes hands.

With a Sharp Copier total copier hard drive security is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons to erase the hard drive at the end of the lease, or at the end of your copier’s lifespan.

Once this crucial step is complete, everything that’s on your copier’s hard drive can easily be erased when you turn the machine in. So anything you had on there such as tax information, personal information, confidential data, and so on will no longer be accessible by anyone.

At Dean Business Solutions we recommend that the Hard Drive on any machine be erased at the end of your lease or when it changes hands. Machines by some manufacturers require a technician to do this. At Dean we can help you with this.

By design, Sharp Electronics  makes it easy for you to store and retrieve information, and just as easy for you to get rid of that information so that it can not be recovered at a later time.  If you had any other questions about copier hard drive security, please leave a comment below.

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