More Copier Leasing Case Studies


copier-leasing-njI am often asked by business owners if leasing a copier/printer/scanner is the right thing in their situation. In many cases copier leasing can get you the right equipment at the right price to save you money over your present situation. Here are a couple examples of how we have helped organizations in the past few months.

Copier Leasing Helps a Growing Company

Rick owns a tutoring and SAT Prep company in Chatham, NJ. As his business grew he made more and more copies and print outs on the small HP copier/printers he had purchased for a couple of hundred dollars at Staples. The problem was he found himself making thousands of copies and prints every month. When I met with him he had a pile of toner cartridges for the two HP’s in his office. He told me he was currently spending over $400 per month on cartridges for his $500 machine. There were also problems with copy quality and he did not have a service plan. The small units were also slow and required a lot of extra work with collating and stapling the sets he was outputting.

We addressed the problem by replacing his inefficient units with a new, heavy-duty Sharp MX-456N Black & White Copier, Printer, and Scanner. The 456N features 4-Paper Drawers, heavy-duty 100-Sheet Auto-Feeder, and a Stapler/Finisher to save him time putting together the collated sets he needed for tests. He now can put together his booklets on his computer, send it to his copier/printer, and let the device do all the work. Including equipment, supplies, and service, he is currently paying nearly half of what he was previously paying just for toner.

Copier Leasing Helps with Any Budget

In another situation an insurance agency in Morristown was using a commercial color copier they had purchased over the internet. The main board blew out and since they did not have a service contract, the machine was not worth fixing. Their copy volume was not excessive, about 2,500 copies per month, mostly black but some color too. In this case a reconditioned off-lease commercial Color Copier, Printer, and Scanner was perfect for their needs and also their budget. For $119 per month they have a commercial color unit that includes 500 color and 2,000 black copies per month. Their 39-month lease allows flexibility so if their needs change down the road we can change the equipment to suit the needs. Additionally, they are covered with a service contract so if the unit needs attention, we will be there.

As you can see, copier leasing can be a great tool whether your needs justify a new or reconditioned copier, printer, and scanner or if those needs are for color or black & white. At Dean Office Solutions we specialize in matching the right unit to our customer’s needs and providing the service and support you require. Contact Dean Office to see if copier leasing is right for you.

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