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copier suppliesAt Dean Office Solutions we carry copier supplies for all machines we deal with. We are authorized dealers of Sharp and Kyocera, but also carry supplies for Konica Minolta, Canon, HP, and most major manufacturers.

We carry copier supplies for stand alone copiers, as well as printers and multifunctional machines. The only type of machines we do not stock supplies for are inkjet printers. Why no supplies for inkjet printers? That’s because we deal primarily with commercial machines and inkjet printers are more for home offices.

When you need copier supplies, you can turn to us for immediate service. We can usually get most supplies drop shipped within a day turnaround time, so when you absolutely need something right away we can make sure it gets to you.

Copier Supplies – Two Types Of Toner

Dean Office Solutions carries two types of toner: the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM), and our own high end compatible type.

Before you go off thinking that a compatible version would not work as well as the OEM version — don’t worry. We guarantee it works, and if any issues are caused to your machine as a result of using the high end compatible toner we will fix your machine at no charge.

Since we are also servicing company it is in our best interest to sell you a compatible product that works. We know there are lots of different copier parts and copier supplies out there, and we put our best effort into only dealing with the ones that are guaranteed to work.

Your Options For Getting Copier Supplies From Us

When it comes to supplying our customers with copier supplies, we like to offer several options. Of course there’s always the traditional option of buying what you need when you need it, but if you’re a fairly high volume user you might find our other options more convenient.

Cost Per Copy Program
We are happy to offer cost per copy (CPC) programs for HP machines where you pay a small fee per page used to cover the cost of supplies. A CPC program covers virtually everything you’ll ever need throughout the lifespan of your machine — including service, supplies, parts, and so on.

If you’re not an HP owner, or were looking for more for something like a service contract, we do have another option.

Supplies and Service Contracts
We offer a couple of supplies and service contract that will keep your machine running at top performance at the lowest cost to you.

  • Gold Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor as well as toner.
  • Platinum Service Contract: Covers the cost of labor, toner, and any parts you may need to keep the machine running.

One thing to know is that platinum service contracts can only be offered on new machines acquired from us, or a used machine that we have personally maintained over a period of time. If the machine was not ours, we don’t know how well it has been maintained, or if parts have been replaced when they should have been, and so on.

We can, however, offer gold and silver service contacts no matter what the situation may be or where the unit was acquired from.

If you have any inquiries regarding copier supplies, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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