Copier Surge Protector


copier surge protectorHere’s why you need a copier surge protector even if your copier is under warranty.

Before you look at the title of this post and say “I don’t need a copier surge protector, I already have a warranty!”, let me ask you to consider one thing.

As residents of New Jersey, if there’s one thing we can all agree on its that the power tends to go out a lot more often than we’d like. As a city it seems like we don’t have enough electricity to power the rapidly growing number of devices we’re all using.

When the power goes out, there’s always the possibility it will come back on with a surge, and that surge can damage your copier. If your copier gets damaged during a power surge your warranty will surely cover it, but it won’t cover lost time and productivity. That’s where a copier surge protector comes in.

The damage itself could range from being extremely easy to fix, to quite costly and time consuming. At best your copier will only need to be reset and it will be back to normal working condition, but you can’t always count on getting off that easy. A power surge could also lead to your copier blowing a board, and that’s not such an easy fix.

A blown board most definitely requires a service call, and that means you will have to take your unit in to get repaired, wait for the repair to be performed (which could last up to a few days), and then you will have to pick up the copier to bring back to your home or office. That’s a huge ordeal which causes unneeded downtime and lost productivity. But you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all if you had a copier surge protector.

I can tell you from working in this business for several decades that the number one reason copiers get taken in for repair is due to damage caused by voltage surges. That’s the biggest culprit for damaging these machines — they are otherwise very reliable. With a copier surge protector you can have the peace of mind of knowing it will never go down.

If you originally scoffed at the title of this article thinking “I don’t need a copier surge protector!” — consider that even if your copier is under a warranty or service contract, you have to anticipate downtime being caused by a power surge. Expect your copier to be down for a couple of days at minimum.

What Kind Of Copier Surge Protector Should I Get?

At Dean Office Solutions we recommend getting a heavy duty surge protector made for office equipment. To be specific, look for a surge protector rated for 2000 joules.

When it comes to getting a copier surge protector, keep in mind that it is designed to protect equipment in the office. It’s not a good idea to plug a fridge or other appliances in your office into the surge protector.

The best thing you could do to ensure maximum protector in to plug your copier surge protector into a dedicated line and have only your copier plugged into it.

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