Copier Troubleshooting Tips: Fixing Common Copier Problems


copier troubleshooting tipsWhat do you do when your computer starts acting up? Well, when all else fails, chances are you try turning it on and off.

I’m willing to bet that has solved most problems you’ve had with your computer— the same goes for copier problems.

That’s right, of all the copier troubleshooting tips out there, the most effective thing to do is to simply turn the machine on and off.

More specifically, first turn off the machine then unplug it for a minute or two. Plug the machine back in and turn it on again.

This will fix most copier problems, especially when it comes to printing and scanning. Simply reset the device and go on with your day.

If that doesn’t quite work, you can also try resetting the computer you’re using to send the job to the machine.

Since your multifunctional copier is connected to a computer, sometimes you have to reboot both devices.

As I said, that’s going to fix most problems you’re likely to run into. For other copier troubleshooting tips read on to the next section.

Other Copier Troubleshooting Tips

Another problem you might run into are lines on the page when copying or scanning documents.

Sometimes you may even run into colored lines on pages when outputting black and white documents.

If you’re having a problem with getting lines on the page that shouldn’t be there, whether colored or not, the first thing to do is check the slit glass.

Underneath the automatic feeder is a big piece of glass, alongside that is the slit glass.

Documents fed through the automatic feeder slide across the slit glass. So if there is foreign material on there, such as whiteout, you will get lines when copying and scanning.

Thankfully this has an easy fix as well. All you need is some ordinary glass cleaner like Windex. Wipe down the slit glass and you’re good to go.

Another common problem you might run into when using the feeder is getting blank copies or low-quality copies. If you run into this issue, make sure there is not an original copy on the glass and another one on the feeder. Otherwise, you might run into the problems I mentioned.

Copier Troubleshooting Tips: Conclusion

When you’re troubleshooting copier problems try not to overthink the issue. The most effective copier troubleshooting tips are usually the most simple and obvious.

  • Problem with jobs not printing? Reboot and start fresh.
  • Lines on the page? Clean the glass that comes into contact with the paper.
  • Low-quality copies? Check for any kind of interference.

Today’s copiers are intuitively built and there’s usually no issue that doesn’t have a simple fix. However, there may come a time when you run into complicated hardware problems, and we don’t recommend attempting to fix those on your own.

Going into the machine to troubleshoot hardware problems could be dangerous without the help of a professional. For anything not easily fixed on your own, call Dean Office Solutions and take advantage of our on-site repair service.

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