Copiers That Collate and Staple


copiers that collateDo you frequently print large documents with multiple pages? Then you’re going to want to look into copiers that collate and staple.

Collating refers to gathering and arranging individual copies into an ordered sequence. Collating means creating consistent sets using multiple parts, which is why it’s a must-have feature if you print or copy multi-page documents.

These days we’re fortunate to have such a large selection of copiers that collate and staple. Years ago it wasn’t so easy.

Previously, copiers would output all of page one, then output all of page two, then output all of page three, and so on. If you wanted to arrange them in a numbered sequence you would need a separate machine that did collating after the fact.

Now, copiers that collate are the norm. Every copier we sell is built to do offset collating. That means there is nothing extra the user needs to do other than use the copy machine as they normally would.

Copiers That Collate and Finish Documents

All copiers work in sets, but if you want those multi-page documents finished you’ll have to look into copiers that both collate and staple.

Finishing refers to anything that is done to a document after being copied or printed. Finishers are optional features, but they can sure make your print jobs more efficient depending on what type of documents you’re normally outputting.

A staple finisher can be added to a copier for an extra fee, which will automatically fasten your collated documents together with a corner staple.

Copiers that both collate and staple are good to have in certain use cases. For example, if you’re regularly presenting multi-page handouts to other people then it may be beneficial to have all of your documents stapled after they have been collated.

Other types of finishers can be added to a machine as well, depending on how you want to present the documents.

You can get finishers that do hole punching, folding, booklet finishing, cutting and trimming, laminating, embossing, foil stamping, and almost anything else you can think of wanting to do to a document.

If there’s a specific feature you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll be happy to look into it.

At the very least, with any copier you choose you can expect collating to be a standard feature. You can always finish the documents yourself after they have been collated.

Keep in mind, just because a copier is capable of collating, doesn’t mean you can’t turn the feature off should you need to. There may be instances where you don’t want a copier to collate your pages.

For example, when it comes to documents like saddle-stitched product catalogs and Z-folded brochures, collating is not the best option. Collating can be easily turned on or off before sending a job to the copier.


Copiers that collate used to be a luxury for any office to have, now they’re the standard. If you’re interested in copiers that both collate and staple, or perform any other kind of document finishing, please contact me for more information.

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