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copystar copiersDean Office Solutions is proud to offer a full lineup of Copystar copiers. Copystar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera, which operates under its own Copystar logo/brand name.

This is not uncommon in the world of consumer products, whether you’re dealing with office equipment, or automobiles, or appliances, and so on. Many different brands can be offered by the same parent company.

Take the automobile industry for instance; you can buy a Dodge or a Chrysler, same product from the same company. The same thing applies with Copystar and Kyocera. They’re two great brands offered by the same company, just packaged differently.

When a company sells multiple products under different names, it can also sell those products through separate distribution channels. Kyocera products may get distributed to some dealers, while Copystar products are sent to others. It’s a way for Kyocera to become a market leader by selling more products.

History of Copystar Copiers

As one of the major companies manufacturing commercial office equipment, Kyocera has been in the printer industry for decades. Kyocera got into the copier business 25 years ago after purchasing a company called Mita. Since getting into the business, the engines for Kyocera’s copiers and printers have been used by all kinds of manufacturers throughout the years. Many major Japanese industrial companies specialize in using Kyocera’s engines.

At Dean Office Solutions we represent the Copystar line and have been doing so since we started in 2009. When asked, are there certain brands of machines we recommend, we say it all depends on the individual’s situation and volume. There are many great Copystar copiers out there, but without knowing the customer’s specific needs we’re hesitant to recommend any one model over the other.

We carry up to the to the 6550ci model, which produces 65 pages per minute. Standard features of Copystar Kyocera copiers include:

  • Auto two-sided copy
  • 150 sheet one-pass feeder and electronic sort

Optional equipment includes:

  • Stapler/finishers
  • Saddle stitch
  • Large capacity cassettes, with up to 12” x 18” output
  • Copystar Kyocera copiers are so reliable and inexpensive to supply that we offer service contracts on this equipment at a very attractive cost-per-copy rate.

One area where Copystar copiers particularly excel is in the desktop copier market. This company is known for making some of the best heavy duty desktop machines out there. If space is a consideration, but you still need something that will keep up with your day-to-day output, then Copystar makes a great machine for your needs.

As highly as we’re speaking of Copystar, we understand that there’s no one manufacturer that makes the best machine for every scenario. Maybe a Copystar is exactly what you need, or perhaps there’s another brand that’s more tailored for what you have to accomplish.

The only way to know for sure is to contact me, or come into or showroom for a consultation. Together we can discuss your needs and determine which make and model can most efficiently handle your daily tasks. Please contact me or give me a call at 973-985-0911 to set up an appointment.

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