Digital Document Management


buy-copiers-nj-300x206If you’re interested in digital document management, one thing you should know about us is that all of the commercial machines we sell will all scan right out of the box.

Digital document management is a standard feature on commercial machines because it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to scan documents into an electronic format.

Instead of storing all of your documents in binders, folders, or boxes in the office basement — you can can them into an electronic format with digital document management.

Once you scan all your files into a digital format you can then organize them just as you would any other electronic file and manage them however you wish.

At Dean Office Solutions we sell and lease a digital document management system called docuware where you can take documents and digitally file them instead of filing hard copies.

Why Digital Document Management vs. Hard Copies?

Why would you want to store your file digitally instead of storing all the hard copies? There are a few reasons why businesses are becoming more and more interested in digital document management.

For one, digital documents take up less space. In fact, they take up no space. Eventually you might fill up hard drives with documents and end up having to store those, but hard drives still take up significantly less space than storing thousands of documents.

The next biggest reason why businesses turn to digital document management is because the files are easy to retrieve. You don’t have to remember where you stored it or even what you called it. You can just search your computer for some key words contained in the title and end up finding what you need.

With that being said, digital document management ultimately saves time and money. It might sound time-consuming to scan all of your files into digital, but once you do you’ll save any time spent down the road having to look for them.

Another huge reason for the spike of interest in digital document management is for security and protection. You can password protect documents for added security, not possible with hard copies. In addition, you’re protected in case of flood, fire, or accident. With your files being stored digitally they are less likely to get damaged.

I find that most customers who come in to ask me about digital document management are initially skeptical about it. However, when actually put into practice, they agree that it’s much better than filing the old fashioned way.

They’re happy with the time it saves them finding documents, and they enjoy the peace of mind knowing their important documents will never get lost or damaged.

In addition, customers who generally don’t consider themselves “tech savvy” find they have no problem getting used to digital document management.

If you have any other questions about digital document management please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or see our article on how to scan a document.

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