DocuWare: The Leading Electronic Filing System


electronic filing systemAt Dean Office Solutions we are happy to offer the leading electronic filing system for your office needs. Specifically, we offer a software called DocuWare which enables you to scan physical documents into digital documents, and file them away as though you would file any other document on your computer.

DocuWare can be bundled with the purchase or lease of any multifunctional machine, all of the equipment we offer include a built-in scanner. The software can also be purchased from us directly, even if you didn’t originally purchase your machine from us in the first place.

With an electronic filing system, you can do away with filing cabinets, never again worry about a document being misfiled, or waste precious work time seeking those hard-to-find documents. Documents that are filed electronically can be retrieved instantly. Just search for the document by keyword, and there you have it.

DocuWare also allows you to tag documents by category, so if you immediately wanted to surface all documents of a particular category, you can do that in seconds. Although a completely paperless office is not yet a viable solution, Docuware can help you go as paperless as possible.

So why choose DocuWare over another electronic filing system? To put it simply, because it’s the best. We only carry the best here at Dean Office Solutions, and that includes everything from copiers, to supplies, to software. We’re happy to tell you more about it so you can be confident in your purchase.

4 Reasons to Choose DocuWare As Your Electronic Filing System

Document Management Roadmap
DocuWare is extremely beginner-friendly. While other software assumes you know what you’re doing and leaves you to go at it alone, DocuWare provides efficient start-to-finish guidance. The training, support, and education it provides is why it has seen more adoption by users than any other software. DocuWare currently serves the needs of over 16,000 companies and has managed more than 2 billion documents.

Zero Operation Interruption
When working with DocuWare you actually receive the assistance of real humans. That’s right, and DocuWare’s certified team promises your business won’t suffer a single minute of employee downtime or workflow interruption while using its software.

Intelligent Indexing
As we mentioned before, filing and retrieving physical documents leads to countless wasted work hours. The Intelligent Indexing technology built in to DocuWare completely automates the process of storing and indexing documents. Its machine learning capabilities will grow to understand how your specific company files documents, and then will automatically optimize the process accordingly.

360-Degree Integration
DocuWare isn’t just a standalone piece of technology. It can be fully integrated with applications you use every day, such as email. That means after you retrieve a document using DocuWare, you can instantly email it to a client or colleague without having to open another application.

Still Have Questions About DocuWare?

If you still have questions about DocuWare which we have not addressed in this post, we invite you to call or email us for more information at any time. We’d be happy to personally advise you on how to use it in the best possible manner for your business.

To be frank, if you’re still filing documents the old-fashioned way, you’re missing the boat.

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